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Building a community of support, a tangible and visual symbol to show understanding of the grief journey that accompanies Pregnancy & Infant Loss


Our Mission

Very soon after my second miscarriage (with our little Blueberry), I was walking along the beach and saw a pregnant lady. It completely broke my heart....again. A few days later, I was visiting with a friend who has also experienced 2 miscarriages but has recently had a new baby - she asked me "Is this difficult for you, seeing me with my baby?" It wasn't as hard, because I knew her story. I knew she had been through the pain and this baby was her joy. This baby was her rainbow. This baby showed me that I can still have hope.

I wish we could know everyone's story. But we can't.

One day, I hope to be pregnant again with a baby that we will not have to say goodbye to. When that day comes, I would hate to know that someone else going through a miscarriage would feel heartbroken again because of seeing my pregnant belly or my newborn baby.

So I wanted to create a beautiful symbol that could share my story, so that others will know that I have been through the devastating experience of miscarriage and that this baby is my rainbow.

I want to offer a symbol of hope to others, even in that darkest moment.
I want to offer a symbol of community - to share with others that they are not alone.


- Rachel (Founder, The Anahera Project)

Changing cultural norms with regard to pregnancy and infant loss must be an ongoing priority. The more support and community awareness the better. Grief deserves compassionate and extended acknowledgement as does healing. The Anahera Project is a leader in making this needed change in the world.
— Jessica Zucker, Ph.D. {Founder, the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign}