This page is where I will share with you some Instagram accounts that I have found useful in my journey through pregnancy loss and grief. There are also accounts here who are smashing through stigma and taboo surrounding pregnancy and infant loss, as well as changing the "societal norm" of how pregnancy is viewed. Check them out! And please let me know if you recommend any others!

{I have personally found Instagram to be the most supportive community and have made some amazing and inspirational friends through this social media platform}


Art by Samantha J Hahn, commissioned by J. Zucker

Jessica Zucker, Ph.D

This Instagram feed is a very special one. This feed's author, Jessica, created the hashtag {#IHadAMiscarriage} that saw thousands of women finally feeling free to share their stories. The stigma surrounding miscarriage is being broken - and it is because of this account that those walls are being smashed through more and more.



Christy hosts podcasts where other loss mums can share their stories.

Pregnancy Loss Journey provides support, grief processing and hope after a pregnancy loss. You will find many useful resources on Christy's website



stefanie jones, ma mfti

Stefanie is a psychotherapist speciailising in infertility and pregnancy loss grief. Providing "a space for mixed emotions while simultaneously grieving and trying to conceive."

You can also connect with Stefanie on her Facebook page


april // love & loss project

A beautiful Infant Loss support group run by April, a private practice therapist. April offers some wonderful resources and outlets for grief as well as the Love & Loss Landing Place support group on Facebook.