Useful Websites

There are many helpful websites available surrounding the topics of Pregnancy & Infant Loss, grief and life after loss. Here are some of my favourites and ones that are making huge changes for the lives of all impacted by the loss of a child, both before and after birth. There are also some who are dedicated to supporting Mamas during pregnancy after loss, because that journey holds its own challenges as well as joys.


Scared sidless

Scared Sidless was created in order to support bereaved families, unite grieving siblings and promote healthy grieving and healing practices. Through donations and volunteers, Scared Sidless holds 'Camp Cullin', a retreat from grief for grieving siblings to connect and walk through their journeys together.

our missing peace

Our Missing Peace aims to help all who have been impacted by the death of a child. Whether pregnancy, infant, accidental, teenager or an adult. The campaign is breaking the silence surrounding child loss - and Nicole has been raising awareness in some important places!

pregnancy after loss support (PALS)

Pregnancy After Loss Support has the motto "Choosing hope over fear while nurturing grief". There are a range of contributors on this site, so many perspectives and voices are covered. They provide resources and online support for navigating through the journey of pregnancy after loss.

love & loss project

The Love & Loss Project provides free monthly Retreats, Q & A videos & practical healing guides.  The founder, April Boyd MSW, is a psychotherapist & bereaved mother of Nora.  She also works with women & couples across the globe in private sessions and in weekend retreats.

avery's garden

Tara has created a beautiful space full of creative grieving ideas and has also produced some very special colouring books for adults where the pages are dedicated to babies who could not stay.



still standing mag

A place where a range of authors contribute their perspectives and experiences of surviving the aftermath of child loss and infertility. If you need an encouraging read then head to their website, Facebook or Instagram accounts.